Author and writer

“I’m writing because I don’t know what I’m thinking – until I read what I’m feeling and saying.” 

~ Mary Flannery o’Connor ~

Life begins with 30.

… that’s the title of my first book, which I’m writing at the moment.

It’s a mix out of a roman, a psycho-thriller, an advisory book, and an autobiography.

I’m not a friend of think in boxes or putting things or people in drawers. But in such a box I had to go into, they told me when I was searching for information for publishing my book. Finally, the book trade needs to be able to place my book somewhere. Hmm… But life is not only a sweet love story, a drama or a psychothriller – god – the latter hopefully not! Life is an up and down, a for and against, a wild mix. Am I right?

Quite quickly it was clear to me: The bookstores should decide for themselves, in which “drawer” they want to classify my book. And if they can not decide, I also like to take an own table for my book(s) 😉

Here you will find a download link of the reading extract of the book (german): 

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