Nature and cooperation photographer

“Nature is not a travel destination – it’s our HOME.”

~ Damaris ~

I really want to share the moments I capture. For example, in the waiting rooms of doctors and hospitals, I want to give rays of hope and also in the private, personal and business areas I want to create a cozy feeling and a connection with nature.

Currently, my pictures are available as a canvas print, as posters and postcards (right now 5 selected motifs). To order simply by e-mail or call with naming the image name. I’m looking forward to your order!

Furthermore, I am offering my canvas prints for rent. Mainly this offer is aimed at companies and students. The rental period is 3 months. After the three months, the picture can be exchanged by another motif and a new 3-month rental period begins. In addition, you have the opportunity to get a price-off, if you want to buy the rented picture after the three months. 

Are you interested? Feel free to write me an e-mail 

I’m looking forward to your order 🙂