Initiative “Ray of hope”

Initiative “Ray of hope”

“Moments of joy makes us healthier.”
~ Damaris ~

With my initiative “Ray of hope” I want to create a positive moment for the people who needs it the most.

In the waiting room of medical practices, hospitals and hospice facilities, but also in the private environment, I would like to create a pleasant feeling and a connection to nature, invite you to dream and make sure that you directly feel healthier and happier.

The St. Marianus Hospiz in Bardowick was the first institution and started my initiative with me, for what I am very grateful. Together we want to create as many rays of hope as possible and hope for many more interested institutions who want to make the world of their patients more beautiful and create joy for the people.

On the 08.12.2018 I visited one of the houses in Bardowick to find out where my motives were placed and to who they bring joy now. In addition, the Landeszeitung Lüneburg has written an article about the initiative (PDF in german for download):

Landeszeitung 24.12.2018: 

If you also need “rays of hope” in your institution, you can look in the motif overview, which fit best in your premises. In order to improve the surround sound, there is also the possibility to buy my images on sound-absorbing material. If you are interested, feel free to send me an e-mail. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible to give you more information. Info: for the initiative special prices apply (different from the shop prices).