Company study

Study in the working environment

“Your pictures really make a difference in our office.”

How do nature pictures effect the employees / working environment?

Since June 2019, I have carried out a survey in many Danish companies of various sizes on the topic “How do nature pictures effect the employees / working environment?”. There are already many studies on how nature changes our state of health and what changes for us mentally, healthily and in many other ways, when we spend time in nature.

I wanted to know it more specific for the work environment. Because the most of us spend most of their awake time at work and in my opinion we should feel well and healthy in this place.

The course of the study looked / looks like this:

  1. The pictures are hung for 3 weeks in places in the office that have the highest frequency
  2. After 2 weeks, a survey link with 9 questions to be answered will be sent to the employees
  3. after the three weeks have passed, the pictures are picked up again
  4. at the latest after the following week (after 4 weeks) the results are presented
  5. After that, the company can decide whether to place nature pictures in the workplace in the future

The study has so far shown that it makes employees happy to see pictures instead of bare walls. Some even feel inspired, motivated and / or better at work through the images.
If you are also interested in nature pictures at your workplace, recommend this study to your HR department and if you own a company that absolutely needs a matching wall decoration: please feel free to contact me directly.