Sustainability & local values

Sustainability & local values

“Yesterday is gone, what tomorrow comes we don’t know. But HERE and NOW is PEACE.”

Exhibitions and auctions, lectures and readings, as well as charitable events such as: Photo Trash Walks (usually in cooperation with other local initiatives) – here you will find all the important dates and always stay up to date. See you! 🙂

Exhibitions / vernissage and charity auctions:

I like to end my exhibitions with a charity auction in which a procentual part of the proceeds is donated to institutions or projects that are close to my heart. These are, for example, children’s hospices, environmental projects, non-profit organizations, etc.

Picture credit: @Storms Pakhus


This event takes place 2-4 times a year in collaboration with other local initiatives in Odense, DK. For example, “Flash your Trash” is usually a co-organizer. This event brings people who like to take photos and want to capture the beauty of nature, as well as socially committed residents together. On a trip through the city and nearby forest areas, they collect garbage and live out their hobby / love at the same time.

Concerts / finissage:

A musical performance in cooperation with a German music school has been a complete success. At the end of my exhibition, each student decided for a picture of me for which they played a suitable piece of music on their favorite instrument. In the future I would like to organize more of such special exhibitions / concerts. Here is a little insight:


For some time now I have been writing my first book “Life begins with 30.”. Since the first chapters have already been written and I often like to do things differently in life, I decided to read from my book, which has not yet been published. So I do a bit of marketing in advance and have my own personal path to motivate myself to finally finish the book. 

Here is a sample: click picture-link